Abfen Farma


Founded in 2005, ABFEN FARMA continues its accelerated growth in paralel with the Turkish pharmaceutical market which is one of the most dynamic pharmaceutical markets in the world.

The philosophy behind the establishment of ABFEN FARMA is to provide specific products for specific theraupetic areas that will bring alternative therapies and improve human health and quality of life.

In paralel with our philosphy, our company logo represents a happy, healthy person and by considering human health a valuable asset we are looking forward to intorduce innovative products to the global pharmaceutical market.

Abfen Farma thrives by producing high-quality products, while trying to respond to the expectations of all customers under ISO 13485 Medical Devices Quality Management System, European CE standarts and global standards.

While improving human health and quality of life, we will carry out projects that will contribute both our company's and our country's to human resources.


By the end of our first decade, we aim to continue our sustainable growth and to become a prefered partner for all our business associates through our commitment to our values of being human oriented, experts in our field, open to improvement and self esteem.